WTF The Chinese IME?

I guess I’ve said WTF for thousands times this morning.

As usual, I turned on the computer this morning and was about to start the work today, but soon I realized that the Chinese IME was just GONE and the software I use everyday was like…… uninstalled. Communications with people in English was not a problem but those daily routines still required Chinese IME. Fortunately, besides the computer for daily routines, I have another computer for testing purpose and that’s why I figured out the solution for this issue pretty soon.

So, how to fix the issue of “Missing Chinese IME"?

(A) Double-click the file named as “ctfmon.exe" which can be found here: “C:\Windows\System32\ctfmon.exe"
(B) Press “Windows Key" and type “regedit"
(C) “HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Run", create a new entry of “ctfmon", and modify the value as " C:\Windows\System32\ctfmon.exe "

1. 找到ctfmon.exe這個檔,然後雙擊它,它的存放路徑如下:"C:\Windows\System32\ctfmon.exe"
2. 按下鍵盤上的視窗鍵,然後再蒐尋欄裡面輸入regedit
3. “HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Run",找出這組機碼,然後新增一個字串叫做ctfmon.exe,把它的值改成:C:\Windows\System32\ctfmon.exe

The Chinese IME will work perfectly right after double-clicking the file. However, once the system is re-booted, the Chinese IME will be missing once again. Therefore, it’s necessary to modify the registry file so I won’t have to double-click “ctfmon.exe" every time I entered Windows.

According to all information I got from internet, there could be 3 reasons which may cause this “Missing Chinese IME" issue.
(A) Virus attack
(B) System failures occured and Windows tried to repair them
(C) System optimization software did something wrong accidentally

I guess the answer is “3″ because I didn’t find any virus and there wasn’t any system failures either. That’s why I believe the answer is “3″. Which system optimization software is installed in my computer? Well, it’s Avira System Speedup. I hope it’s not the answer but I can’t find any other possibility. Usually, when issues like this happened, I’ll just re-install everything once again, while I have no time for this right now. So……maybe later when I upgrade my PC with the new CPU and the motherboard, I’ll re-install the whole system once again. Maybe……!

1. 電腦中鏢了
2. 系統出包,於是乎系統自己要修復錯誤,但修著修著就修出問題了
3. 系統優化軟體誤改設定,把輸入法給弄不見了


Oh, and “WTF" actually means……not Welcome To Facebook……no no no, it means “Where To Find". Yes, “WTF the Chinese IME" exactly mens “Where to find the Chinese IME", sounds rational, doesn’t it?
對了,要講一下,"WTF"不是你心裡面想的"What The Fxxx",沒錯,WTF其實是"Where To Find"啦,啊就中文輸入法不見去嘛,所以一直在碎唸"Where To find the Chinese IME",聽起來很合理吧,嘿!所以是where to find喔,我沒有罵人喔!  🙂

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