Locked Apple Watch does NOT show notifications

My Apple Watch 3 seems to have troubles showing notifications.

One reason I bought Apple Watch 3 is not to miss any important messages when I am charging my iPhone and leave it at my desk. However, things didn’t go well as I expected. I still miss lots of messages and my Apple Watch 3 showed nothing at all.

I tried many ways to solve this issue but none of them worked until I found this from Apple’s website.

In the last paragraph, it says when the Apple Watch is locked or the option of “Do Not Disturb" is enabled, the notifications will go to the iPhone instead of the Apple Watch. So I guess this was the reason my Apple Watch 3 didn’t show notifications because my Apple Watch is sometimes locked. There were some other configurations I didn’t follow, but this was the most important reason.

Got troubles with your Apple Watch not showing notifications? Try NOT to set any password to your Apple Watch in case you don’t even notice your Apple Watch is locked. According to Apple’s website, a locked Apple Watch won’t show notifications.



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