CPU Lottery: i5-10400 & i7-10700K

Socket LGA1200

Intel’s latest 10th generation processors use the new socket LGA1200 which is different from previous socket LGA1151. The notches of the socket are located at different places so please do take a serious look before you install the CPU. Related information is available here:

Socket LGA1200 with Core i5-10400 installed

I didn’t notice the change and tried to install the CPU in the same direction. In the end, I realized the notches were changed no wonder the installation failed. And I was really lucky enough that the socket wasn’t damaged! So, don’t do anything stupid like me!

The notches are located at different places comparing to previous socket LGA1151

Intel Core i5-10400

This is not a K-series CPU but it’s alright. I always test overclocking memory with all kinds of CPU and I’m really curious if this CPU has a strong IMC.

Intel Core i5-10400 Processor

Intel Core i5-10400 Processor Retail version

Basically I hate to use a box cutter. This is another example I open the box without cutting the seal sticker.

Intel Core i5-10400 processor is a CPU with the TDP of only 65W. You can find the stock cooler in the package. The thermal paste has been applied on the cooler in advanced.

I know that many Intel fans love the sticker.

Intel Core i7-10700K

I know overclockers are more interested in 10900K. Well, at least this is a K-series CPU. And I’m even more curious to know if this CPU has a strong IMC.

The whole package of 10700K came with the CPU and the thermal paste. Sounds a good deal, but I’m very sure overclockers won’t be interested in this thermal paste.

The product package of Intel Core i7-10700K is smaller because it doesn’t have any stock cooler inside.

Right, I hate to use box cutter so the seal sticker remains how it looks like as it was.

The back side of the CPU looks totally different from 10400’s.

Most important of all, the sticker!

Special Feature of ROG Motherboard: CPU Potential Indicator

I still remember this unique feature. It came with ASUS Z390 ROG motherboards which were released to the market in 2018. ASUS ROG motherboard will test the CPU in seconds and then show the CPU score in the BIOS. I didn’t exactly know if the test result was accurate but many overclockers did rely on this special feature for CPU binning. That was really a big fun like playing the CPU lottery.

You can still find this unique feature if you have an ASUS ROG Z490 motherboard. So, how about let’s take a quick look at these 2 CPUs? I really wonder how good or how bad they are.

To make sure the heat dissipation is not a problem, Scythe Fuma 2 with 3 fans was installed to provide the best air cooling efficiency.

Bad Luck: Worse Comes to The Worst

I though my 9600K which scored only 62 was some kind of BAD LUCK. Obviously, I was totally wrong, I was so wrong.

This Intel Core i7-10700K CPU, come on, scores only 51……unbelievable!

And that was not the end. Check this Intel Core i5-10400 CPU.
It scored only 42…… That was called BAD LUCK!

So, how about yours? Hope you’re lucky enough to get a good CPU.

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