〈Enermax CPU Air Cooler〉ETS-F40-FS Series ARGB

Every year as usual, I’ll be aware of the coming of the summer when COMPUTEX starts. Why? The electricity company will charge the bill with the “summer rate” (more expensive) from 1st June to 30th September and COMPUTEX always starts in the first week of June. Therefore, COMPUTEX means more expensive electricity rate to me, and summer of course.

I know “Booth Babes” for COMPUTEX may be the most prevalent topic, however, we’ve been having NO COMPUTEX (the real one) for 2 years. I guess therefore the best topic I can do is something like the CPU cooler for the summer.

I understand AIO water cooler is now very popular while there are still users going for air coolers whether for budget or other concerns. I’ve made a video about the stock cooler for AMD Ryzen processors a while ago. Today, I’d like to share another CPU air cooler with you which also features 4 heat pipes, Enermax ETS-F40-FS Series ARGB.

I forgot to take some photos of the box dimension which should be 15cm x 12.5cm x 18.5cm.

You can find the logo of Enermax and the model name of this cooler in the top left corner. Most important message here is, it’s ARGB version.

There are many logos printed in the bottom left corner which shows the compatibility with RGB control software from motherboard makers.

Feature logos are in the bottom right corner. You can also find the message of the supported CPU socket here. Basically, this cooler supports all kinds of CPU.

There are key feature introductions on the back side of the box.

The cooler features 4 x ø6 heat pipes with heat-pipe direct touch (HDT) technology which helps the thermal conductivity.

This cooler has 2 different color themes, black and white, and this one is black. Even the fins are all black.

There are totally 44 fins which provide approximately 7550.4 square centimeter. ( 13.2cm x 6.5cm x 2 x 44)

The plastic cover on top of the cooler provides the ARGB lighting effects.

You can find the spec of this 14cm ARGB fan on Enermax website.
74.33 CFM
2.17 mmH2O

I just put a 12cm fan right on the 14cm fan so you can see the difference of the dimension. Obviously, only 14cm cooling fan can perfectly match the cooler rather than a 12cm cooling fan.

You will find the additional clips for the additional fan in the accessory box. Although “single fan” is the default configuration of the cooler, you’re able to upgrade it to a dual fan cooler.

Photos with the ARGB fan activated!

Let’s have a quick test and see the performance of the heat dissipation.

Test bench:
Intel core i7-10700KF
ASUS Maximus XII Formula (Z490 Chipset)
GeIL OrionRGB Series 8GBx2 D4-4400 CL18-24-24-44 1.45V
PowerColor RX460 2GB

Set “Long Duration Package Power Limit” as 250W and enable XMP, other BIOS settings are all using default configurations.
The test software is AIDA64.
The system will idle for 5 minutes and test Stress FPU for 15 minutes thereafter.
The ambient temperature is 25.2 celsius degree.
According to Core Temp 1.71.1, the max power consumption of the CPU is about 170W.

Test results show the idle temperature is 29 celsius degree, and the temperature of the CPU will go up to 83 celsius degree after the 15 minutes test of Stress FPU.

Besides the test results, I’d like to share 2 more points with you.

First, this cooler is uncreditably quiet. I can barely hear nothing from the cooler. Probably this is all because of the 14cm fan which can provide approximate airflow and air pressure with lower noise. For users who care about the noise so much, adopting a 14cm fan really helps.

The second point is about the installation. Please be very careful about the installation especially if you’re going to use this cooler on Intel’s platform. Just check the following photos of the back plate and the position screws, the trick out there is the straight line to the straight line and the arc line to the arc line. If the back plate and the position screws don’t match well, the CPU cooler won’t work well. You won’t even notice it when the system is idling, but suddenly, the temperature will just keep going straight up without a stop once the CPU is under heavy loading. Therefore, please be sure you make no mistakes about the installation.

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