〈Enermax Liquid Cooler〉AQUAFUSION series 240mm

If there’s anything I can say about an AIO liquid cooler, I’m really fascinated with the outstanding performance of its heat dissipation. Even AMD officially recommended an AIO liquid cooler with a 280mm (or greater) radiator for their Ryzen 3000XT series processors. An AIO liquid cooler is not just a cooler. It basically means the killer of the heat. It’s also the hope of better overclocking results for an overclocker like me.

Last time I shared the information about a CPU air cooler. Now it’s time to share the information about an AIO liquid cooler, Enermax AQUAFUSION series 240mm.

In the same way, let’s start with the photo of the box. The dimension is approximately 32.0cm x 20.5cm x 14.0cm, and the weight is 1.85kg. If you’re interested in this one and plan to get it from a retail store, be sure your bag is big enough to carry it.

On the front side of the box, you can find the logo of Enermax in the top left corner and the series name in the bottom right corner.

Logos of RGB control software from motherboard makers are printed on the right and Razer Chroma is supported as well.

On the back side of the box, you can find the specifications on the left and key features on the right.

The water block features the patented Shunt-Channel Technology which brings faster heat transfer and the patented Dual Chamber design ensures the longevity of the pump. Also, as you can tell in the photo, the water block supports the ARGB function.

However, there’s something interesting I noticed. I can’t find anything about the ARGB function in the manual. Therefore, just kindly remind that please do not forget the ARGB cable.

The aesthetics design of the RGB fan is a little different. Rather than many other RGB fans in the market focusing on increasing the RGB area, this one is much more understated.

You can find the specifications of the fan right on the back side of the box. 79.8 CFM
3.67 mmH2O.

Let’s have a quick test and see the performance of the heat dissipation.

Test bench:
Intel core i7-10700KF
ASUS Maximus XII Formula (Z490 Chipset)
GeIL OrionRGB Series 8GBx2 D4-4400 CL18-24-24-44 1.45V
PowerColor RX460 2GB

Set “Long Duration Package Power Limit” as 250W and enable XMP, other BIOS settings are all using default configurations.
The test software is AIDA64.
The system will idle for 5 minutes and test Stress FPU for 15 minutes thereafter.
The ambient temperature is 25.2 celsius degree.
According to Core Temp 1.71.1, the max power consumption of the CPU is about 164W.

Test results show the idle temperature is 28 celsius degree, and the temperature of the CPU will go up to 71 celsius degree after the 15 minutes test of Stress FPU.

Comparing to the CPU air cooler I introduced last time (Enermax ETS-F40-FS), AQUAFUSION series 240mm provides a lot more performance of heat dissipation. Over 10 celsius degree lower, that’s really impressive. If this is not even enough, AQUAFUSION series also has another model which features a 360mm radiator. Personally, 240mm is good enough for my daily usage, but I guess overclockers would just love 360mm more. After all, the performance of heat dissipation is never enough for overclockers.

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