Photo Gallery: ASRock Z87M OC Formula

For reasons, I tested several DDR3 memory modules last week and had a chance to once again use this motherboard, ASRock Z87M OC Formula, as the test bench. It was really a long time that this board has been quietly stay in the Lab getting no notice at all. Last time when I packed this board I haven’t installed Windows 10 for even one time. And last week, I was planning to test those DDR3 memory modules by using Windows 11. Almost, this board almost missed Windows 10 just like that.

Eventually, I tested those DDR3 memory modules by using this board with Windows 10. This board was doing well during the tests. It probably won’t satisfy the hardware enthusiasts for now, but it just worked so well as it had ever done before. I have to say it’s been 2022. Instead of Z87M OC Formula, I got so many other choices for a PC build. So, it could be a long time again until I use this board next time. Therefore, I took several photos and would like to share with you. In memory of ASRock Z87M OC Formula.

Something’s really interesting there’s always a USB connector right in front of the DIMM slots. You will find exactly the same design even on the latest ASRock motherboards. Any one like this design? I do, I LOVE it! USB connectors on the rear IO panel surely work. However, it’s SUPER convenient when you have to insert the USB flash disk for OS installation, benchmark software installation, and files copying. As a person who does so many tests every day, this design is really outstanding!

It looks like a M.2 slot but it’s NOT. That’s mSATA.

For now, the only electrolytic capacitors on the motherboard you will see is for the Audio chip. It is believed that the electrolytic capacitors can provide better audio quality than the solid capacitors. My ears are far from the level which could tell the differences, but people said so. However, before that, there was a time that motherboard makers were all promoting the “all-solid-capacitor” feature. Even it was for the audio chip, the capacitors are all solid capacitors. ASRock Z87M OC Formula is exactly the perfect example that tells the story.

Not so many photos, but that’s pretty much enough for me.

One more thing.
You probably feel nothing about the golden capacitors on the motherboard, but “gold” was once a very popular element. That’s why there are so many golden capacitors out there.

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